No two weddings are alike, but regardless, it's your most important day yet. For this reason, we always offer that you can order the food you envisioned. We set off an hour where we also take the opportunity to talk about how you have imagined everything around your wedding. We can help you with everything from just food, but also staff, table setting and everything else that may be needed.

sound and lighting

The lighting in a wedding not only enhances the beauty of the venue but also brightens up the ambience significantly. Similarly, a quality sound system and music arrangement can help set a cheerful mood. After all a wedding is an event of celebrating with people who matter the most. We can help you decide the kind of music that will complement the theme. Yes, customization is always an option and your choice is important, however, we ensure to spoil you with choices of music, artists and latest technology sound system for your special event.

design and planning

With more than 10 years of experience we offer the services of wedding planner, wedding designer and wedding coordinator.

Each service has then own and specific duties where you have the choice to select the one that adjust more to your needs.

video and photo

An experienced professional will be there to capture your special day. Our photographers will be with you every step of the way so you can enjoy the memories captured on a video and photos.

floral arrangements

Whether you're planning an extravagant celebration for hundreds of guests, or a small gathering, we have your wedding flowers covered!

We work closely with our couples to bring their wedding flower dreams to life, ensuring their unique style is reflected in every bouquet, centerpiece and floral arrangements.

guests arrangements

Inviting all your friends and family to share in your big day is an exciting thought, but when it comes to the logistics of booking a hotel for a wedding, things can get stressful fast. We can help you with the logistics of accommodation and transportation for your guests.